Positive Image Photography, 2002 WVU-Boston College, Big East, and Marshall-Toledo MAC 10 Championship Game
Steven Wayne Rotsch
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DSC_2070 flyover
DSC_2070 flyover.jpg
DSC_2125 bc receiver tackled
DSC_2125 bc receiver tackled.jpg
DSC_2137 6 hit BC QB
DSC_2137 6 hit BC QB.jpg
DSC_2137 Wiley 11x8
DSC_2137 Wiley 11x8.jpg
DSC_2157 blocked fg
DSC_2157 blocked fg.jpg
DSC_2178 marshall
DSC_2178 marshall.jpg
DSC_2192 attempted block
DSC_2192 attempted block.jpg
DSC_2192 attempted block close
DSC_2192 attempted block close.jpg
DSC_2197 quincy
DSC_2197 quincy.jpg
DSC_2206 quincy
DSC_2206 quincy.jpg
DSC_2212 t
DSC_2212 t.jpg
DSC_2222 rodrigues
DSC_2222 rodrigues.jpg