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1    4x6 archival 4x6



2        5x8 or 5x7 varies with crop $20 $40 with 8x10 mat
3              8x10 varies with crop $40 $80 with 11x14 mat
4           8.5 x 11 varies with crop $40 $80 with 11x14 mat
5      11.7 x 16.5 varies with crop $100 $200 with 16x20 mat
6            13 x 19 varies with crop $150 $300 with 20x26 mat
7            16 x 20 varies with crop $200 $400 with 24x30 mat
8            20 x 30 varies with crop $250 $500 with 30x40 mat

Prints 24"  to 44" wide are $45 per square foot.

Prints up to 44" by 10 feet are available. Custom sizes are available at the next largest paper size. All prints are on Epson's archival matte paper with Epson's archival pigments for a 200+year life without fading, when displayed behind glass in normal room light.

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Shipping and handling costs are included in each photograph's price. If you order more than one copy of the same print of the same size contact Steve for the discount. Please write your address legibly, it will be used as your order's  shipping label. Send your check or money order to the above address. Make checks payable to "Steven Wayne Rotsch"





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