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Bridgeport Do Easter High
Bridgeport Tenni...
Bpt's Tom Joyce returns volley during doubles at RCBHS during the Class AA and A regional tennis tournament on Wednesday, Photo by Steven Wayne Rotsch s-Bpt tom joyce 5-9-01
Do or Die.jpg
It was do or die Wednesday as Bpt and Liberty squared off. Bpt's 3rd baseman Lindsay dives for the ball. Photo by Steven Wayne Rotsch 5-23-01 Bpt- do or die
Easter Egg Hunt.jpg
bpt-easter egg hunt. photo by steven wayne rotsch 4-11-01
High Slide.jpg
Bpt runner #14 is tagged out trying to jump into 3rd on Wednesday over Liberty 3rd baseman #11 on a failed steal at BPT. PHoto by steven Wayne Rotsch spt-hs softball 4-4-01-high slide 4-4-01
Notre Out Rain Robin
Notre Dame Valed...
Notre Dame High School valedictorian Shannon Gaskins waves at friends passing Immaculate Conception Church in Clarksburg on Friday as she and her classmates prepare for Commencement. Photo by Steven Wayne Rotsch nwss-ND Grads 3 5-25-01
Out at Home.jpg
Clarksburg catcher Chad Mulooly (check spelling) tags Bridgeport's Jason Grimmett (1) as he tries to score on a wild pitch on Thursday at Bridgeport during Legion ball. Photo by Steven Wayne Rotsch all-out at home 6-28-01
Rain Clouds over...
Rain clouds over Clarksburg and Route 50 on Thursday. Photo by Steven Wayne Rotsch stds-Rain clouds 4-20-01
Robin Bread Snap...
Putting groceries on the table for the bread (or in this case ) worm snappers is a parent's never-ending job, as with this robin and her brood of three chicks in Clarksburg on Wednesday. Photo by Steven Wayne Rotsch stds-bread snappers 5-22-01
Shaw Tough Weston  
Shaw Shank Redem...
J.D. Shaw, the Elks' second baseman, makes a great play and throws to first as the first baseman looks away. Photo by Steven Wayne Rotsch spts-shaw shank redemption 6-29-01
Tough Throw.jpg
Notre Dames second baseman can't handle the throw as Greenbrier West #6 steals second on Friday. Photo by Steven Wayne Rotsch s-tough throw 4-20-01
Weston Great Gol...
Union soldiers leave the Weston Bank with $27,000 in gold coins on Saturday in Weston, heckled by Confederate sympathizers, during a reenactment of the Weston Great Gold Robbery of 1861. In today's dollars, the union netted over $500,000 in the raid.