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 Digital Photography Services

Let us scan your negatives and slides, and we'll send you a CD of your digital files. We can also make archival photographs from your files, slides or negatives. Another service we provide is scanning your slides or negatives specifically for the web. Since photographs scanned for the web are much smaller digital files, we can e-mail them to you.

35 MM or APS Slide and Negative Scans

 (Maximum 4000 DPI, 4.2 D-Max)

  All images are scanned at 4000 dpi, with (DI3) digital ice and color correction if requested. All scanned  images will be saved on recordable CD's. Shipping is included in the scan price. All slides and negatives  will be scanned on a Nikon Super Coolscan 4000 ED. 

Web scans (72 dpi, 8x8 inch maximum image) cut the base scanning price 50 %.

35mm-APS Scan Price List 

for 4000 DPI, Digital Ice Cubed, Scans

1-5 images:         $7.00 per scan       Saved either as a Tiff (default) or JPG (if requested) and burned on a CDR.

6-25 images:        $4.00 per slide.     $4.50 per negative.

26-50 images:      $3.00 per slide.     $3.50 per negative.

50-100 images:     $2.00 per slide.    $3.00 per negative.

101+ images:        $1.00 per slide.    $2.00 per negative.


Full frame scans are approximately 58 megabyte files, which translates to an 11 x 17 inch, 300 dpi image. Images scanned for the web are typically about 50 Kb or less saved as JPG-3 files.

Archival Prints

Positive Image Photography will also make prints of your images, printed on either an archival Epson 2000p or archival Epson 9500 Printer.

Prints available in sizes 5x7 to 44" x 8 feet from your file, slide or negatives. 

All images are printed on Epson archival matte paper. Epson Lustre paper is available if requested. These archival matte prints have a display life of 200+ years in normal room light, displayed under glass. 

We'll scan your color images for free if we are making the prints!

Price List

Paper Size

Image Size Photograph only
1               5 x 7 varies $15
2           8.5 x 11 varies $35
3      11.7 x 16.5 varies $70
4            13 x 19 varies $100
5            16 x 24 varies $150
6            20 x 30 varies $200

         Prints up to 44" by 10 feet are available. Custom sizes are available at the next largest paper size.              Prints 24"  to 44" wide are $35 per square foot.

Steven Wayne Rotsch

960 Mathews  Ave. ,     Charleston, WV 25302,     (304) 546-4611

Number of Slides or Negatives Print Size Number of Prints Cost per Photo Total

Total of Order


Shipping and handling costs are included in the price.  Please write your address legibly, it will be used as your order's  shipping label. Send your check or money order to the above address. Make checks payable to "Positive Image Photography."

Print this page and fill out the order form.

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Mail to :    Positive Image Photography

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Contact Steve if you have questions about an order.

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